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Day 1 - The Arrival

Find out more about the arrival at Condover Hall and our first selection of activities! 

After a relaxing yet exciting journey to Condover Hall, we arrived safely raring to go and get stuck in! We settled down into our accommodation before choosing our group names: Pug Pillows, Miss Clark’s Wonderful Wizzards and Thunder. The next job was to experience a guided tour led by our excellent instructors. After seeing all of the areas and activity stations, we couldn’t wait to get started! 

Some of us took part in abseiling (which was very challenging yet thrilling! We were very pleased to have overcome our initial worries. Other children took part in Survival Skills where we learnt how to light a camp fire and build huts - the girls were very successful. Close by to the abseiling, the final group courageously faced the Multi Vines which consisted of lots of climbing, great heights and super balancing and stability. All of the children took part and managed great heights with the support of their team. 


After a delicious dinner, we took part in a team building quiz activity! This tested our knowledge of science, geography, movies, famous people and sports! We had lots of fun and were able to nominate a team to be busted. Many of us voted for the teachers who winded up winning! 


Catch our blog tomorrow to find out more! Thank you for your patience and enjoy! 😌