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Day 2 - part 2! 

The rest of day 2 before the camp fire...

Just a quick update whilst the signal is good! We have had delicious burgers, chips and scrumptious doughnuts. 

This afternoon we all joined together for Ariel Trek and Rock Climbing. Two activities for the price of one - lucky! The Ariel Track was a mini obstacle course at a great height; this needed lots of perseverance and courage which all of us showed. Children who were initially anxious excelled through the heights and flew around the course with ease! There were lots of happy and relieved faces by the end of it. Our final activity for some of us was survival skills (super shelter building), fencing and high ropes. We have had so much fun and can’t wait to show off our talents in tonight’s camp fire - I will try to update at 10pm to with some outstanding talents.