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When parents come to St Wilfrid's CE Primary for the first time, we often hear them marvelling at the caring, nurturing, family atmosphere.

This is very much our vision/mission statement which reads - 

Our Christian school exists to provide a welcoming environment (Belonging) in which everybody is cherished and challenged (Believing) to fulfil their potential (Becoming).

These ideas of Belonging, Believing and Becoming are more than just buzz words - they’re the guiding principles behind everything we do at St Wilfrid's CE Primary


  • to each other in mutual support, respect and trust
  • to the community of Northenden, providing it with outstanding local primary schooling
  • to the Diocese of Manchester, as part of a family of 191 Church of England schools
  • to the world in which we live, caring for the whole of creation regardless of race, religion or background


  • in our gifts and abilities, as each child is unique and valuable
  • in our potential, as each child will be challenged and nurtured
  • in our Christian faith, as each child will be guided by our church ethos and values


  • responsible and productive - a force for good in society
  • engaged and pro-active - ready to change and challenge the world around us
  • aware of our vocation, with a growing sense of purpose and preference
  • well-rounded and self-aware, through a holistic and broad-based education

St Wilfrid's CE Primary will work tirelessly to ensure that each child not only becomes a force for good in society, but develops into a well-rounded young person in mind, body and spirit.

If you’d like to see our mission in action, please feel free to make an appointment to visit the school.