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St Wilfrids C of E Aided Primary School

St Wilfrids C of E Aided Primary School



We provide a music curriculum that is an opportunity for children to engage in a creative way that promotes enjoyment and love of music and develops their talent as musicians.  We believe that children should learn to listen, play, compare and evaluate music. During their time at St Wilfrid's CE, we believe that children should have a range of musical experiences including learning an instrument. We also want children to be exposed to a diverse range of music, new and old, and how to listen out for different instruments and features such as rhythm, pitch and dynamics.


Children in our Nursery and Reception have the opportunity to sing, make music creatively both indoors and outdoors and respond to music in music and movement sessions.   We use Charanga to teach singing from Reception to Year 6. Children listen and appraise a song before learning to sing it with the teacher. Children are taught the fundamentals of body posture for singing and breathing techniques. Vocal warm-ups in the form of practising scales are used before children learn to sing a specific song. As well as learning to sing, children learn to listen and appraise and a singing lesson will always feature section where children listen out for specific aspects of a song relating to rhythm, pulse, pitch etc before attempting to sing. We also have a separate listening curriculum where a diverse range of music and songs are enjoyed and discussed by the children.Music from Year 1-6 is taught weekly as a discreet lesson s by the class teacher and, currently we have a specialised music teacher who works across Key Stage 2.  The curriculum is so designed that it builds children’s musical knowledge and skill set progressively leading them to become enthusiastic and competent musicians. In Key Stage 2, children are given the opportunity to use instruments for performing and composing. In Years 3 and 4, children play the tin whistle and ukulele lessons are provided for those in Years 5 and 6. Songs are also performed by different year groups in church services throughout the year.


The impact of this music curriculum is that children will be musically literate, their lives will be enriched and they will be inspired to further explore the world of music and the creative and expressive opportunities that it offers. They will also be equipped to take on new musical experiences and challenges in the next stage of the educational journey. The progress of each child will be tracked throughout their time at St Wilfrid's.